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Wedding Food Options: Buffet vs. Sit-Down

Weddings are loved and enjoyed for many reasons, a major one being food. From mouth-watering cuisines to exquisite drinks and the cherry on top, which is the cake, it goes without saying that food is a major factor. As such, wedding planners must choose the best way to serve their guests depending on the wedding in question.

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While some people prefer a buffet, others prefer sit-down meals. Here are the pros and cons of each serving style:


This is where a wide variety of meals are offered for guests to serve themselves. Therefore the guests can choose what they like and leave what they do not like. Food stations are the new and modern buffets, but they do not vary as much.


  • They are more flexible. This is because the host can offer more food options to the guests.
  • Buffets give the guests a chance to choose what they would want to eat and in the desired portions as well. This makes it favourable for guests who have certain dietary restrictions from the doctor.
  • They help in saving money for the host. This is because there is no extra staff needed to serve guests food. This is a perfect serving style for wedding planners on a tight budget.


  • More food varieties are needed to accomplish the buffet style of serving. This is as opposed to a three-course meal which does not require many food varieties.
  • Buffet serving styles means that guests will have to line up at one point or another. Not many people like queues and this can ruin the celebratory mood for guests.
  • There is a high chance that more food will be needed which can be very costly. This is because guests serve themselves and portion control is hard to implement.

 Sit Down

This is the more traditional way of serving food at a wedding, where guests are treated to a three-course meal. The host usually offers a starter (also referred to as Entree) for the meal, followed by the main meal that includes a vegetarian option. Lastly, a dessert is served to close the food chapter.

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  • Everyone at the ceremony gets their food at the same time since there are no queues.
  • Planning for furniture and tableware is easier when dealing with sit-down meals.
  • Sit-downs are perfect ways of treating guests and thanking them for coming.


  • More servers are needed.
  • Food options are limited, and it may be hard to impress every guest with the selected food choice.
  • Sitting arrangements must be carefully chosen to avoid any chances of people causing drama at the wedding.

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