Impressions Catering management and staff are committed to including environmental, social and economic sustainability responsibilities in our day to day activities. We understand our responsibility to have tools in place for both environmental and profitability which is essential in small business.

Impressions Catering strive to achieve a very active community presence with an aim to help, connect people and give back. Local business support is a key part of our business strategy for success and growth. All this business and community networking activities have led to our growth and the growth of other local business, therefore creating further employment opportunities.

Impressions are committed to including sustainability across the entire business’ activities including Fair working conditions, employment diversity and equality and ethical purchasing.

Our employees are covered by the hospitality Industry General Award and employment complies with the Fair Work Act. We have a very diverse team of employees that come from a range of backgrounds. Diversity and equality when hiring is an asset to our business as we can take cultural and life experiences from the staff and use to better our menus and services.

We are also committed to purchasing all Australian, local produce, products and equipment as much as reasonably possible and being a part of local business networks gives us a great opportunity to meet local suppliers and producers.

Impressions are committed to continually improving our environmental performance and to demonstrate good environmental practices across all our operations.

We live in a wasteful generation and as a company, we understand our responsibilities to find ways to reduce waste and promote environmental sustainability. At Impressions, we seek to do everything possible to reduce waste where we can. Some ways we can do this;

Environmentally Friendly Bio-Degradable products

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Impression are dedicated to using eco-friendly products. Most of our packaging and serving food ware are eco-friendly and are biodegradable and/or compostable and have a 12-month plan to convert as many disposable products as we can. All food storage containers are reused and maintained at a high standard to meet all WA Government health regulations in accordance with the Food Act 2008.

Food waste

  • Do not over prepare foods. Food portion control guides in menus are to be used at all times.
  • Be careful not to over order food especially fresh produce. Be sure to ALWAYS count, weigh and calculate what is needed.
  • Keep an eye on all fresh produce and use as required. Make soups and dishes for shelter.
  • Waste not! Use all of the food you can ie, tomato ends can be dices and put in tarts, broccoli stalks diced and put in soups etc.
  • Leftover foods are to be given to staff to take home for their families or to be prepped for women’s shelter or other charities.
  • Do not over pick herbs from the garden, get small amounts as you need them.
  • Food waste and scraps are to be collected in a separate bin and taken to the chicken farm.

General waste

  • Make sure all boxes and recyclable items are placed in the correct bin.
  • Use reusable containers where you can keep plastic bags and disposables to a minimum.
  • Please bring in reusable drink bottles and only take a disposable if you really need to.
  • Reuse bags/packaging/boxes where we can.

Water and power

  • Be conscious of water waste when in our kitchen or at any of-site premises
  • Do not leave taps running and use hand sprayer instead of running tap where possible.
  • Excess water including that from cool room condenser is to be saved in a bucket and used to water herb garden.
  • All power is to be turned off at points every night before leaving. Do not leave aircon, range hood, or any other equipment that is not the cool room or freezers on.
  • Please do not use the air con unless absolutely necessary.
  • Do not turn on warehouse light unless absolutely necessary and if you do they MUST be turned off when we leave.