Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

To bring people together and have a positive impact on our customers, our team, the environment and the community.

To be a leading provider of quality delicious foods and impeccable customer service by offering a versatile and flexible service with consistency and presentation that will leave a lasting Impression.

To build an outstanding reputation that we exceed in every service through our dedicated to the success of our customers important occasions and creating memorable events.

To give back and contribute to our local community and charity groups and help as much as we can.

To create a friendly and family spirited team and make sure all who work with us have the tools to be their best in a cooperative and rewarding environment.

Our Mission

By providing an impeccable service, quality delicious foods and a passionate team, Impressions deliver a friendly and professional experience that brings our customers visions to life and creates powerful memories.

Our Values

We are serious about creating a productive, cooperative and rewarding environment for our staff and maintaining the highest levels of quality, service and consistency for our customers. Our team believe in living our values, some of which are:

- Have fun and always be your best self
- We believe in honesty and integrity and always strive to be fair and ethical
- We believe in going the extra mile and exceeding expectations
-We believe in providing a professional, reputable service with friendly, personal care and attention that our guests tell stories about
- We believe ‘good enough’ isn’t good enough and keep our high standard for everything we do
-We believe that only a happy and family friendly cultured team that support and encourage each other, can give the level of personal service we stand by
- Innovation. We believe in continuously listening, learning, educating and improving our, team, our processes and our company Our team and culture
- Be confident and take initiative.  Don’t wait to be asked it makes all the difference
- Be warm, friendly and gracious, you may be the friendly face that helps someone through their day
- A good attitude will shine

Our Community

- It is important to us to give back and to actively support our community through our time, energy and resources as best we can.
- We believe that we have an obligation to our employees, our customers, and to the environment to operate in a sustainable manner. Recycling, waste minimisation and the use of biodegradable products.


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