Top 10 Boat Party Themes

Hosting a boat party is exciting. Why? It allows you and your guests to enjoy the ocean and go as loud as you want. It feels different and special.

It also allows you to create amazing memories with your loved ones and friends. And you can even enjoy the atmosphere, aesthetic and sunset during your boat party.

However, you need to consider your safety and the safety of your guests before hosting a boat party. You also need to consider the dietary requirements of your guests before selecting food options. And you need to choose the best theme for your boat party.

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Here are the top 10 boat party themes:


Choose specific colours for your boat party theme. Once you choose the colours, use these colours to decorate the boat. You can also use these colours as you purchase balloons, ribbons and tableware.

Masquerade Boat Party

Do you want to host an overnight boat party? Use glitters and masks to plan a night of mystery.

Hawaiian Luau

One of the most common boat party themes is the Hawaiian Luau. Remember, to take your leis, floral-printed shirts and grass skirts. You can even have a menu of barbecue and pineapple punch. 

The 70s or 80s or 90s Boat Party Theme

If your guests are almost of the same age, then you can help them relive their childhood memories. For example, your guest can wear bell-bottoms of the 1970s. If they are from the 80s, they can wear colourful clothing. The ones from the 90s can wear baggy clothes of the 90s.

Awards Night

You can host an awards night, so your guests can dress up as their favourite artists and actors. You can even give your guests funny awards for the best Con Artist or the Best Impersonator of the Party.

Pirate Party Ideas

There are so many party ideas. Hosting a pirate-themed boat party? Use pirate treasures and lairs to decorate the boat. Your guests can dress as pirates.

Host an English Tea Party

You can host an English tea party on the boat. You will need tea, cakes, scones, and sandwiches on the menu. Your guests can wear pastel coloured dresses and carry dainty lace handkerchiefs.

Casino Night

You can host a casino night on the boat. Use cards, coins, and chips to decorate the boat before the party.

Cultural Theme

If your guests are from different cultures, you can host a cultural theme party and serve dishes from different cultures.

Movie Theme

Your guests can come as casts of your favourite movie. And they can stay in character throughout your party. 

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