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The Benefits Of Sandwich and Platter Catering

Sandwich Platter Catering

If you are planning a seminar, working lunch, party, wake or family get together, and don’t need a large sit down meal, sandwich and other platters are a great option if you are organizing something on a much larger scale.

Sandwich platter catering may be the answer if you have been given the responsibility of organizing the catering side of things, but just don’t have the time for a large sit down meal. Impressions Catering of Perth is your one stop shop for your large scale catering needs, and for those occasions where attendees eat their food on the go.

Our goal is to offer the best products and provide the best possible customer service, providing the most appropriate product and service with the needs of our clients. As well as sandwich and platter catering, we offer business catering, party catering, wedding and event catering.

There are several advantages to serving sandwich platters:

sandwich platter catering

Cost Effective

The ingredients needed for sandwich platter catering are generally inexpensive, meaning that you can provide a memorable and filling spread for your guests even if your budget is somewhat limited. Most catering companies, including ourselves, can offer affordable rates for this type of catering, although you can be assured the quality of the food is just as high.

Something For Everyone

Even if you are catering for a group of people with a wide range of tastes, you can be assured that everyone will eat sandwiches and you can be creative with fillings choosing items to suit vegetarian, vegan and other special dietary requirements. It’s always a good idea to do one plate of gluten free sandwiches to so you have everyone covered.

Endless Possibilities

There are almost endless possibilities when it comes to sandwich’s and platter catering, and it’s easy to adapt the product and the menu to the needs and preferences of your guests. Sandwiches are a lot more versatile than you might think, you can use and endless range of fillings covering all special diets and we ensure there really is something for everyone. Add a few hot platters, cheese, cold meats, fruit and crudités w, dips and you have a platter buffet to suit all requirements.

sandwich platter catering

Everyone Likes Sandwiches

We haven’t yet found anyone who doesn’t like eating a sandwich of some sort! So instead of worrying about whether your guests will like the food on offer, you can relax and be assured that you have a safe bet, and that everyone will like the food at your event. You avoid the potential awkward scenario of arranging a meal for all your guests and then finding out that some of the guests go hungry as they don’t like what’s on the menu.

A Shorter Prep Time

Your overall costs will be lower as in general, it takes less time to prepare sandwiches for a large group of guests, and the process is less labour intensive. And your food can be prepared and ready to eat a lot more quickly, which can be a wonderful benefit if you find you have more guests than you originally thought.

With almost a decade of experience, Impressions Catering aims to be your first choice when it comes to catering services of any kind in the Perth area. Please contact us today if you would like to learn more about our sandwich platter catering or any other type of catering service we offer. Our helpful, experienced and knowledgeable staff are ready to make your next catering event a success.

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