Cocktail Party Catering Tips

How to Plan a Cocktail Party?

Planning a cocktail party is not tremendously difficult; however, if done correctly, it can turn into something of an art form. Pre-planning is the secret to hosting a remarkable cocktail party. If entertaining is your thing, a cocktail party provides the perfect opportunity for your guests to enjoy good conversation, good food and of course, good drinks.

If hosting cocktail soirées is new to you, you can consider using the tips below on how to plan a cocktail party:

List of Decisions

• Business or pleasure
• Number of guests
• Outdoor or indoor (If outdoor, what is the backup location in case of bad weather)
• Formal or casual
• Will food be included? If yes, what is the menu
• Limited cocktail menu or full bar
• If there is a food what is the menu
• Will you be using a theme?
• The budget limit for beverages and food


The ideal time to start a cocktail party is a bit past dinner time, which is round about 7 p.m. The duration of this type of party should be between 2 and 3 hours. Having the party on a Friday or Saturday would be the best option since the majority of individuals do not have to be at work the following day.

However, it is essential to consider your guest list when you are figuring out timing. For instance, if retirees make up your guest list, there will be more flexibility where days are concerned and you could potentially have it in the late afternoon or start at 6 pm.


Cocktail Party food

How would you know what amount of food you need to prepare for your cocktail party? A key inquiry that should be addressed is:

“To what extent is the duration of your event for the cocktail party?”

If you are having a cocktail party at supper time, you ought to generously consider your catering order. A pleasant additional touch to consider is to incorporate some food stations for your visitors to graze on all through your occasion. If you need help with arranging and providing food for your next cocktail party, contact Impressions Catering.

Grazing tables or Grazing platters

Grazing tables or grazing platters are a common option for an evening Cocktail party. It is a set-up intended to urge visitors to stroll by, grab their aperitif of choice, feel great, and blend. Regardless of whether you’re facilitating a huge gathering or a cozy social gathering, it’s constantly worth the exertion it takes to put a grazing table together.

Cocktail Menu

Choose delicious cocktails that are in keeping with the party theme or the vibe of the party. Appropriate and unique garnishes can give a basic cocktail a whole new twist. If you are not providing a full bar, you should consider offering a few selections in alcohols and mixers. Make sure that you think about offering a few “mocktails” and other non-alcoholic options for designated drivers, non-alcohol drinkers or for guests who have had enough.

Request Assistance

This is among the most vital cocktail party catering tips as you could become quite overwhelmed if you opt to plan it alone. The whole idea is for everyone involved to have fun. Request help from your friends to prep food and/or make drinks. This interactive component adds another distinctive quality that individuals will enjoy.

If an event caterer is in your budget, choose one who is experienced and reputable. For your upcoming cocktail party, let us make an impression on you!

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Lukarla McCready

Lukarla McCready

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