How Much Does It Cost To Hire Wait Staff

The birthday of your loved one is around the corner and you want to make this event special so that he remembers it for the rest of his life. Instead of booking an entertainment venue for the party, you want to host at your home. However, the limited number of personnel in your personal staff might not be sufficient enough to attend to the demands of such a huge event. Does this mean that you have to cancel your plans?

Do not worry, as you can depend on our event service staff to take care of the event. We at Impressions Catering have the staff required to handle both small and big parties. These specialists have the experience required to serve your guests, clean the tables as often as required to ensure that there is no hitch during the party.

How much does it cost to hire a wait staff?

You might be thinking that you will have to shell out a huge sum to hire specialists. However, this is not reality. In fact, the overall cost of your party, including the cost of wait staff works out much lower compared to hosting the event at a special venue.

Here is the current pricing along with the terms and conditions for hiring wait staff.

• Charges for catering assistant or wait staff is $44.00 per hour
• Minimum hire charges are of three hours for each staff member
• Extra travel fees applicable for attending functions that are more than 40KM away from our locations
• Charges for event coordinator of a chef are $65.00 per hour
• Costs for bar staff (RSA certified) are $48.00 per hour
• Charges for kitchen preparation supervisor or senior wait staff are $55 per hour

You have to pay the wait staff for a minimum of three hours. You have to assign breaks, in compliance with “Casual Staffing Laws” in case their shifts are in excess of five hours and up to eight hours. The hourly rate is inclusive of superannuation as well as all insurance. You also have to pay the following in addition to base charges:

• 10% GST
• 75% for public holiday staffing
• 25% for Sunday staffing

We offer wait staff hire for other types of parties and events, both small and big. Our friendly and professional service staff are fully insured and have extensive knowledge about handling food.

home party catering

We also offer the following services:

Catering staff hire
hire event staff
bartender hire

This means that Impressions Catering will leave no stones unturned to make your kid’s birthday party a special event that the invitees will remember for a long time. Contact us today for further details, and see how our friendly and knowledgeable staff can make a pleasant difference for your kid’s birthday party.

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Lukarla McCready

Lukarla McCready

Lukarla is the owner and director of Impressions Catering. She has a passion for providing her clients with a unique catering service for any occasion. She opened the Cross Roads Café in Shoalwater in 2010 and quickly realised the need for a quality catering service, launching her own business the following year. With a team of experienced professionals and a commercial kitchen, Impressions Catering is making an impression across the region.

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire Wait Staff