How Much Does a Wedding Cake Cost?

A wedding cake is not just something to eat on the wedding day. It can become part of the wedding aesthetic. You can, therefore, use your wedding cake to bring your colour scheme and theme to life. Wedding cakes are usually expensive since professional cake artists have to handmade every layer.

What is the Average Cost Across Australia?

The average cost of a wedding cake across Australia is around $537. The price of the wedding cakes depends on the decorations, serving sizes and cake size.

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What Factors Can Influence the Cost of a Wedding Cake?

The factors that can influence the cost of a wedding cake are the filling, decorations, icing, cake toppers and size.

1. The Filling

You no longer have to choose the fruit cake only. It is nice to have your wedding cake with filling. The filling you choose can determine the price of your wedding. You, therefore, need to pick the right filling for your wedding cake. Filled wedding cakes usually cost extra.

2. The Decorations

You will decorate your wedding cake to mark your special day. It can, however, take more time to decorate the wedding cake, so you are more likely to spend extra money to decorate your wedding. Therefore, the wedding cake decorations can affect the cost of the cake.

3. The Icing

It is much easier to find different choices for icing these days. So, if your budget is small, you can find affordable choices for icing. It is, however, essential to hire an experienced professional cake artist to apply the icing. This is because the icing is delicate. The icing can make your dream wedding come to life.

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4. Cake Toppers

Cake toppers can determine the cost of the wedding cake. It costs more money to get a personalised cake topper. So, you need to think of what you want to get. If you decide to buy your wedding cake topper, make sure the topper fits in the other decorations of your wedding cake.

5. The Size

It is important to consider the size of the wedding cake you want to get. If you want to get a large wedding cake, the slices will be larger. So, you are more likely to spend more to decorate your large wedding cake.

A beautiful wedding cake can be a centrepiece of your wedding. It is important to use the best ingredients and decorations to make your wedding cake. If you are planning for your wedding and want to know more information regarding wedding catering, contact Impressions Catering to book a wedding catering package and get the cake as part of the package.


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