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Everything You Need To Know About Hot Food Platter Catering

Planning a party or an event can be a great deal of work. Regardless of the size of the party, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Not only do you need to think about the decorations, you also need to create a guest list, find a venue and make a variety of other preparations.

Fortunately, choosing the food is a lot easier than you think as long as you have narrowed down the type of food that you are going to serve. When it comes to caterers, food, and serving style, there are plenty of options to choose from. One great option that is easy and convenient are catering platters.

Below you will learn about the benefits of catering platters and when they should be used.

• If you are going to be feeding a group of people, you should keep your guests in mind. You should first find out if any guests have food restrictions.

• Next, think about the seating. If you are going to have limited seating, you should think about what types of food can be served to guests who are standing, such as hot food platter catering.

• If you have enough seating your meal can be a sit-down dinner, complete with appetizers, salads, entrees, and dessert.

Types of Catering Platters

  • Sandwich Platters

Depending on the caterer that you choose, there are plenty of types of catering platters to choose from. If you are having a lunch event, there are plenty of sandwich platters, wraps and rolls platters to choose from. The sandwiches can contain meat, cheese, and even vegetarian options. Sandwiches are great for meeting, corporate lunches, and other events that don't require a three-course meal. You can also offer gluten free sandwich options.

  • Snack Platters

You can also go with a snack platter option. Snack platters contain meats, vegetables, cheese, crackers, and fruit. These platters will please any crowd.

  • Hot finger food platters

Hot finger food platters are always a hit with ant crowd. The classics such as hand-made sausage rolls and mini quiche are always a popular option and there are plenty of yummy and easy finger food options to choose from that will impress your quests.

  • Platter with a dip

You can also go with a platter with dip. There are certain types of events where a dip is necessary, such as a Super Bowl party. Engagement parties and other get types of parties are great events to serve dip to your guests.

  • Dessert

Finally, don't forget dessert. Everyone loves sweets and you can choose from cookie platter, cake platters, and a variety of other dessert options.

Benefits of Using Platters

Now that you know about the types of platters available, you should know all of the benefits of using catering platters.

• When you have food that is ready to go and handmade, it will reduce a lot of the stress of planning to party.

• If you are planning the party on a budget, party platters are the most cost-effective option.

• Finally, party platters allow you to add a variety to the menu, which will ensure that all of your guests are satisfied with the food that you are serving.

When To Use Platters

If you aren't sure which types of parties are best for catering platters, the answer is simple. Platters are best for casual events that don't require a multi-course meal. Birthday parties, corporate lunches, cookouts, pool parties, engagement parties, and sporting events are all great opportunities to use sandwich platters, platters with different dips, and dessert platters.

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