Backyard parties and other functions such as a small wedding reception, are fun and exciting ways to get together with relatives, friends and other significant people in your life. It's always such a pleasure to see an ordinary, unassuming backyard space becomes party central, with everyone enjoying each other’s company and eating great food.

The food at a backyard party is perhaps the most important aspect of the merriment. In fact, if the food at such parties is no good, the energy of the event is somewhat bland, as food for such events is expected to add a certain liveliness to things, and most times becomes a conversation starter for many guests.

Whatever the size of these parties, it's important to get the food right, and so many people invest in Backyard Function Catering to make sure that they please their guest’s palates, which helps make the party a resounding success.

Backyard function catering is a savior of a service for those who are planning a backyard party and want to have someone else take on the hassle of catering the food. In that way, the party planner can attend to the other aspects of pulling the function together while ensuring the food will be another element of quality along with all else that is being planned.

Hiring the right backyard function catering service is essential to meeting the quality level expected.

There are certain things to be considered to ensure that the backyard function caterer hired is the one best suited for the particular function.

Where are they located?

You'd want to ensure that the caterer you choose is relatively near to the party venue. This is important for two main reasons. The first reason is the convenience and ease of you visiting their premises to make prior arrangements for the party.

The second reason is helping ensure that they arrive at the party at a reasonable time on the day of the event -- this is even more important if there is usually a build-up of traffic in your area. People at events hate to wait on the food, and so distance is a critical factor to consider when hiring a caterer.

What are their qualifications and track record of service?

  • Are the caterers you're considering have updated certification in the preparation of food for the public?
  • Do the staff members all have their relevant health clearance to prepare food?
  • Is the kitchen and other areas of their premises clean and tidy?
  • How many parties have they served in the recent past?
  • Are you receiving polite service and are they patient with your questions?
  • All these are some of the many questions you should keep in mind when you're hiring a caterer because you want to ensure that guests are not harmed by food you have offered them.

You can also take the time to search for reviews online about their level of service, and ask around in your circles for information from anyone else who has used them.

Do they have menu suggestions or can work with your needs?

Deciding on the menu is a key aspect of the food being a hit at the function. You'd want your prospective caterers to be able to give some suggestions in response to what you have explained about the event itself and the types of guests you'll be hosting.

If you have your own menu in mind, you can still ask for their suggestions about its suitability for such an event. You should also ensure that they can meet any special diet preferences or restrictions that you have, for example, vegetarian, vegan, kosher or halal.

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Do they have the necessary staff for your size of your guest list?

A backyard party will most likely have the food served Buffet style. A rule of thumb in terms of staff for buffet-service parties is to have one server for every 20-30 guests. Be sure to ask the catering service about the availability of the number of servers that will be required to meet this arrangement, so that all your guests feel satisfied that their needs are being met.

You can also inquire if you would need to have an extra server or two to serve guests who are not able to make it to the buffet table, and the extra costs that this would entail.

Do they have the necessary equipment to keep food safe?

In addition to preparing a tempting menu, and cooking the food with the best ingredients and to industry standard, it's also important to keep the food safe for consumption while at the backyard party.

Make sure the backyard function caterers have the necessary to keep cold foods cold and hot food, hot. They should also be using the appropriate methods to cover the food from possible flies and other insects. Caterer staff wearing head nets, aprons and non-latex gloves can also help keep guests safe.
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