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About Impressions Catering

The vision at Impressions Catering is to provide exceptional food, conveniently delivered with outstanding customer service. Director Lukarla and her team are on a mission to wow you!

Already the preferred caterer for many leading associations and organisations in the Peel and Rockingham region, Impressions Catering was one of the top 3 finalists in the prestigious WA Small Caterer of the Year Awards 2016.

A talented team of chefs, function coordinators, wait and bar staff are ready to make every event their best yet. Impressions Catering has proven time and again that when it comes to fresh seasonal produce, delicious menus and exceptional service they’re the gold standard.

Lukarla and her team where absolutely amazing. Thank you for being so flexible with our event. The food provided was amazing and fresh. Deserts were just beautiful. Thank you again.

Maddie Peters, Baldivis Brumbies Netball & Football Club

The Story Begins

Lukarla is the entrepreneurial owner and director of Impressions Catering, a full service catering company delivering tempting food for business functionsweddings parties and events. She believes in going the extra mile, taking the initiative and making your day! Her gracious and friendly approach is appreciated by her clients, with glowing reviews and positive feedback in abundance.

Lukarla opened for business with the Cross Roads Café in Shoalwater in 2010. A natural entrepreneur, she quickly saw the need for a quality catering service in the Peel and Rockingham area, launching Impressions Catering a year later.

With rapid growth, she expanded her business with a 2nd premises, opening the doors to her commercial kitchen in 2015. Her amazing team, personal dedication and passion for excellence has seen Impressions Catering go from strength to strength. From weddings to corporate clients they are making an impression across the region!

“Melt in your mouth goodness from Impressions! We were well looked after as bride and groom, and were reassured by the high standards and competency of the staff throughout the night.”

Jennifer Abbott Moretti

Nothing Else Compares to Impressions!

Impressions Catering cook-up the magic that helps businesses impress their clients, brides amaze their guests and footy clubs celebrate a season in style! They know success is measured in smiles (and top buttons being opened!).

The Impressions team believe that food is about more than just feeding people! It’s about connecting, drinking in delicious aromas, laughing together and creating memories with a message that says ‘we care’. When people come together to enjoy a meal they can forget the troubles of the day. Impressions believe in warm, friendly and gracious service that lights up your day!

“Wow! What a fantastic team! They have impressed me from start to finish and seem to do it effortlessly! Highly highly recommended!!”

Julianne Lawrence

Who is Lukarla McCready?

A natural in the kitchen since she first turned her hand to cooking, Lukarla’s professional journey started front of house as a waitress at 16. She thrived on the pressure and was quickly asked to assist in the kitchen. It wasn’t long before Lukarla found she was doing more and more of the cooking as her natural talent started to shine.

Lukarla doesn’t do things because they’re easy, she does them because they’re right. This integrity has helped her hold her course, and has built her reputation in the business community as a trustworthy professional. Today you’ll still find her working late into the night, but she balances this with time off with her family and friends. She knows she can trust her staff to steer the course she has set and this allows her to escape to a tropical destination and remove herself for a week or two.

Lukarla loves food; she finds it almost impossible to choose her favourite dish! From spicy Mexican to rich Italian she can’t think of anything more pleasurable than indulging with friends and family. Her dream holiday would be a food world tour; travelling and tasting the gourmet delights of every country.

“Outstanding effort from Lukarla and her staff. Catering a fully gluten free party is a tough ask for anyone, but they handled it without any problem. Had glowing comments about the food all day.
Could not recommend them highly enough.”

Michael Davis

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