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4 Tips for Catering a Birthday Party in Perth

The perfect food makes a great party. However, it’s also usually one of the biggest anxieties of hosts!

Coming up with the perfect food requires planning, time, amazing cooking skills, and right quality ingredients. To help you sort things out for your big event, here’s a list of some things to pay attention to.

Tips for Catering Your Birthday Party

1. Choose a Theme for Your Menu

Narrow down your options by selecting a theme for your menu. Here’s how you do it:

  • Decide on a service style, finger food platters, grazing tables, barbeque, buffet style help yourself hot dishes…
  • Pick foods from the same cuisine, e.g., Australian, Mexican, Korean, Japanese, etc.
  • Jot down the typical dishes for the person’s favourite occasion. If the celebrant loves Australia Day, barbies, sausage rolls, and meat pies can be on the menu.
  • Try a fusion of eastern and western foods—this is an excellent idea if you’re not confident in your mastery of other culinary dishes.

2. Pay Attention to Plating and Presentation

Search for inspiration colours and decors on Pinterest or Instagram. Having a centrepiece to focus on also helps create complementing ideas. People eat with their eyes first and a little garnish goes a long way.

birthday party catering

3. Consider the Celebrant’s and the Guests’ Diet

No, you don’t need to prepare a dish for each attendee. Consider the age group. If the majority of the guests are kids or teens, finger foods should make the menu. Catering to adults can be trickier, but having a variety of options, such as vegetarian and meat options, simplifies the dilemma.

4. Hire a Caterer

You can do it all if that’s what you prefer, but it can be stressful. You may end up not enjoying the event in the end instead of being stuck in the kitchen and running around all night. We suggest hiring a catering service instead. When you weigh up the cost of buying all of the ingredients, the time that takes and the preparation, cooking and cleaning time it can be a very economical option.

  • If you have friends who have used a catering service before, call them up for feedback.
  • Search up the internet for a caterer with good reviews. For instance, if you’re in Perth, looking up ‘birthday party catering Perth’ will yield a lineup of results.
  • Once you find your prospect/s, ask about their expertise or experience, e.g., themed parties, bar catering, kids birthdays, cocktail events, big- or small-budget events, etc.
  • Not doing it all yourself means you can enjoy the night and the caterers will clean up the kitchen so you don’t have a mess to deal with in the morning either. That is one of the biggest benefits of home party catering services.

Talk to Impressions Catering Today

Preparing for a party is a huge responsibility. Having a caterer take care of two of the most critical elements, food and drinks lessen the burden. If you’re in the Perth area, Impressions Catering can help solve your birthday party worries. Send us an enquiry today for an event the celebrants and guests won’t forget.

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