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Wedding Catering Ideas

Wedding Catering

Apart from the touching ceremony and the stunning décor, food will be the aspect that makes a lasting impression on your wedding guests. Everything from cocktails to the bar snacks works together to make your wedding an amazing culinary experience.

Wedding caterers are always looking to up their game, so move over buffet—here are the top trends we’ve spotted:

Types of Wedding Catering

Plated Meal Service

As the name suggests, plated dinner is the traditional wedding catering style where guests are served by the waiters. The guests and talk and mix up easily without worrying to get up for food. This kind is the priciest option, so you should be careful while deciding your menu.


It is suitable for more informal occasions but it can definitely be a game-changer if you want it to. This wedding catering type is less expensive and minimises wastage as guests are allowed to choose their food. There will be a lineup of guests for sure to fill their plates.

Cocktail Service

This kind of catering style offers you to get fancy with your menu at the same time saving up on the cost of food. This kind of style appeals more to younger people. The best part is people can walk around and mix up while enjoying the menu.

Share Platters

It is a system where food is served on platters directly onto the tables. It allows guests to choose the food they want. More like a mini buffet where you don’t have to move. 

For Help, Talk to Impressions Catering

If you still can’t decide on the catering for your wedding, call Impressions Catering. All these innovative catering ideas can be overwhelming, but our experts have been helping couples organise their magical days since 2010!

We believe the secret to a great wedding is in food—that looks delicious and tastes divine. Reach out and let’s discuss your wedding catering needs today.