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Food Trends For 2019

Food Trends For 2019

Food has always been a favourite topic since the options are nearly unlimited and new dishes are being created every day. Food trends for 2019 are in many ways the same as the past decades, but change is always on the horizon when it comes to food. Factors defining change are television, the price of ingredients, and the creation of new restaurants. The public loves fancy food, especially when it is not expensive.

Fast Food (Not Necessarily Unhealthy)

It seems life is becoming increasingly busy here in Perth. With that has come increased demand for food on demand. Interestingly, this doesn’t necessarily imply unhealthy food anymore. Many fast food outlets are seeing increased demand for healthy choices in their menus. The bottom line is that it’s got to be served quickly.

Fresh Fruit Grazing Tables

Fresh, delicious fruit has always been popular. Most people love quality fruit and we also feel great when we eat it. What’s on trend at the moment is the way it is presented. Grazing tables can present this specular, delicious array of fruit, berries, seeds and nuts. It’s a feast for the eyes and draws people in with all those rich, vibrant colours.


A lot of research has gone into the neuro benefits of Avocados. They provide us with a source of healthy Cholesterol and Omega 3s, which help us feel good emotionally. As a society, we are looking to combat issues of mental health which Avocados can help with. As a result, they have become extremely popular as we look to integrate them more into our diet.

Super Foods

There is an increased interest in niche health products such as water lily seed. It is edible and is sold by some companies as a puffed snack. Its consumption outside of India has increased by a factor of three. Another trend is oat milk, which is a new substitute for milk that is becoming popular in coffee shops. If soy and almond milk were not enough, now there is a new contender and major companies are putting packaged products on the shelf.

Modern Catering

If you are looking to host guests and want to wow them with modern delicious cuisine, talk to Impressions Catering today. We can help you with a range of dietary requirements and create delicious, healthy food your guests will love.